Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Autumn Boots and Knitted Hats...

What do four sisters, four pairs of boots,
a sweet mom,
a Saturday small town farmers market,
fall leaves
and two hours to enjoy bring about?
The middle picture is of us laughing...really!

Why a regular Kircher Girls photo shoot!

It was a short but sweet time, we enjoyed walking around the small booths
and talking with the sellers....

This gentleman kindly posed next to his wares and sign...

...then he offered me a choice of any of his delicious baked goods ...
I chose the jelly roll (having never tried one. Oh, I know how could I have never had a jelly roll!) and my was it delicious. If you are anywhere near Nampa during the farmers market I would suggest stopping by for a treat!

Oh, yes... more brick walls!
This is my beautiful sister Elise!!! This being her first time in a photo shoot with us she was a bit worried that she didn't know the ropes, but I think she did just fine. Don't you!
It was so fun to have her join us... Mom was there as well but silly me I forgot my tripod...
I was sad we didn't get a group picture but I think she was more then happy to be an onlooker.

We are enjoying some fall weather, it's a little bit confused here but that's what we are used to. It keeps us on our toes!

Click here for another view :)

1 comment:

Stacy said...

[Over from Elise's...]

Look at your cute, darling self, Elise! And so stylish with your hat and boots and scarf! And your hair looks great! :)

Love to you...

All the rest of you are adorable, of course, too. What fun to be all together, tromping about the Farmer's Market with your mom (pure delight for her, I'm sure), taking photos and having a grand time!

Blessings to all of you!