Friday, September 2, 2011

Personal | Fair Day

I like to believe that I live in a "small town", now I know it's not
completely true, but I still like to believe it. 

Now if this were the Canyon County Fair... maybe. But we didn't go to that one.
No ours was the Western Idaho Fair. Large, loud, exciting... well, somewhat...
Really if I had wanted to drop that two bits to see the largest pig, I could have,
but listening to the announcer calling out the size was much more entertaining.

Isn't she beautiful?

Yes, he is doing the sign for "I love you" with his hand

It was a wonderful day, being with family and enjoying the fellowship.
But as you can see by the face above, it was a bit overwhelming for the 
young ones, that is a small smile you see.

But, dear me, those animals were fun to see and touch.

Oh, were those horns fun to grab.

This picture took forever to get- he is not a poser, this was him checking to see if I was still had my camera out.

Lemonade- the choice drink for the day

The only band we sat to listen to, it was us and four other older couples... I think they thought Idaho had a lack of country music lovers... I just thought it was funny that they were from California- Really Idaho has no country bands?

Drumming to the music

Ice Cream baked potato... Oh, yes....

I still like to believe that I live in a "small town". But when you can barely walk down
Midway without bumping into a person ever five seconds...

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Brook!e said...

Beth these pictures are amazing!!!!
You have such great talent. I'd love to just hang out and take pictures all day with you! hehe. Love it!