Thursday, March 24, 2016

Personal | Family Camping Trip 2015

I can't write - I don't have the ability to wax eloquent, so I'll keep this short...

These people, they are mine.
And when we are together I see the grace of God for placing each and every-one of them in my family.

So, for memories sake, albeit late, here is my family.

//And back when we were kids
we swore we knew the future
and our words would take us half way 'round the world
but I never left this town
and you never saw New York
and we ain't ever cross the sea

But i am fine with where I am now
this home is home, and all that I need...

But I'm going to be here till forever
so just call when you're around.//

| Partial video credit to my sister found here & here |

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